Bus Enrollment FAQs

Why do I have to enroll if I have received bus services in the past?
Due to the risk of Covid-19, the EVSC is taking measures to make school buses as safe as possible this school year. This includes requiring all students to wear masks and limiting the number of students to a maximum of two per seat. This will lead to a reduced capacity and will limit our ability to provide transportation as we have done in the past. Because of this, we are requiring families to enroll in bus transportation in order for your child to ride the school bus.

What if I change my mind and now I do want to receive bus services?
If you decide you do want to receive bus services, please fill out the bus transportation form online at www.evscschools.com/enrollment. If you do not have access to fill out the form online, please call 812-435-8866

What if I changed my mind and I no longer want bus transportation?
If you no longer wish for your child to ride the bus, please contact the EVSC Office of Transportation at 812-435-1BUS.

What if I moved and my address has changed?
If you have moved to a new address within the EVSC, please fill out the bus enrollment form again with your updated address, and notify your school of your new address. 

Do I need to enroll for bus transportation for EVSC Innovative Programs and other programs taking place during the school day?
No, we are only asking parents to enroll for bus transportation in the morning from their home to school and again in the afternoon from school to their home.  

Do I need to enroll if I need my fourth or fifth grader to ride the bus from Hebron to Harwood or from Highland to Harwood?
No, students riding buses from Highland/Hebron to and from Harwood will not need to enroll in bus transportation.