Bosse Facts

Bosse High School has been a beacon in the community for nearly 90 years. Offering the only International Baccalaureate Programme in the EVSC, as well as the only Community Link Television Program, Bosse High School continues to provide a high quality education to every student who steps through its doors.  In 2013 and 2014, Bosse received a Bronze rating from the U.S. News and World Report on Best High Schools. We also take great pride in producing a nationally ranked Literary Publication.

Built in 1922, with its Collegiate Gothic style architecture, Bosse’s building and campus blend easily with the neighborhood’s Tudor and Colonial Revival style homes. The building, part of the Lincolnshire Historic District, underwent renovation several times; its most recent additions include a new administration wing, updated auditorium, and elevator, completed in 1999. The latest renovation nearly doubled total classroom square footage, from an average of 500-600 sq. ft. to 900.

Enlow Stadium was built in 1926 and named after Charles Enlow (1879-1963). Mr Enlow was a businessman, community leader, and advocate of education.  As a member of the school board he advocated for investments in facilities, including the construction of Enlow stadium.

Over the years Enlow Stadium has:
  • Served as home field for three schools during its history

  • Hosted over 7,000 athletic contests

  • More than 150,000 students have marched on Enlow Field as part of school marching bands

  • At least 350,000 student athletes have participated in events on the field

  • More than 6 million fans have enjoyed events at Enlow Stadium

  • The stadium has seen a 2,400% increase in field usage since artificial turf was installed in 2009.