How Students are Identified

In order to participate in high ability programs in the EVSC, students must meet identification criteria which include a variety of data. Students are identified for high ability services in the following areas: general intellect, language arts, math, or performing arts.

The formal identification process in the EVSC takes place during kindergarten, second grade, fourth grade and seventh grade years. The process begins with the administration of a screening protocol. All kindergarten students are screened using an administered abilities assessment. Second, fourth and seventh grade students are screened using an achievement assessment.

Students who reach the pre-determined screening criteria then participate in the administration of the high ability aptitude measure.
Off grade-level identification only for students who transferred into the EVSC and were not afforded the opportunity to participate in screening at either their kindergarten, second, fourth, or seventh grade year.

Questions regarding the identification process may be directed to Sarah Smith, Director of Assessment (Email), or Meredith DeVillez, Directory of Humanities and High Ability (Email).