No Excuses University

FairlawnIf you walk into Fairlawn Elementary School and talk with students, you can be assured that they are conversant about two things – what "no excuses" means; and what their plans are after high school graduation. From kindergarten to the fifth grade, students at Fairlawn, as well as their parents, learn early on that post secondary education should be planned for and is expected. There are no excuses for a student not to work hard toward that goal. 

In 2009, Fairlawn was accepted as the first No Excuses University (NEU) campus in Indiana. As a NEU school, Fairlawn actively promotes a comprehensive model of college readiness to all students. 

At Fairlawn, students are exposed to powerful college symbolism. This symbolism is seen in the college flags and banners hung on classroom doors, felt through the close partnerships with local universities and colleges, and heard in the college chants that exist at the school. 

As a NEU school, Fairlawn not only encourages children to set goals for continuing on to higher education, but also to create a culture of universal achievement and collaboration.