Virtual Learning Days

In the virtual option, students will be given their virtual lessons on a specific day of the week and students will engage in the virtual lessons throughout the week with the support from teachers through virtual “office hours.” Students will have about one week to complete the assignments. Students who do not complete the virtual lessons will be marked absent.

As part of the virtual option, the state requires that students engage in lessons given to them by their teachers, just as they would on a normal school day, except that all or parts of the work involves accessing online learning systems or other Internet-related resources. Students will be able to interact with their teachers through a variety of options such as using their learning management system, via email, telephone, Skype, Google Chat, etc. -- however the teacher tells students will be the best way to reach him/her during the pre-determined learning time.

Students may do the work on their own time, with their device and Internet at home or other locations. Students also can make use of times the school building is open before and after school, and receive teacher support in those pre-determined times. Many of EVSC’s community partners also have offered their facilities WIFI and devices for student use.