Accidental Damage Coverage

All computers distributed to students include accidental damage and extended warranty
coverage. Accidental damage coverage ONLY covers operation or structural failures resulting
under normal operating conditions and handling due to liquid spills on the keyboard,
unintentional drops or bumps of the product, and electrical surge that damages the product’s
circuitry, or failure of the integrated LCD screen. Issues such as LCD breakages due to
headphones or other items being shut in the computer, items being dropped on the keyboard,
stepping or sitting on the computer are NOT covered under accidental damage protection per
Lenovo. Because of this, students need to exercise extreme caution in the handling of the
laptop, as parents will be held responsible for the cost of repair in these situations.
Parents should consider insuring their student’s device for other damages along with loss or
theft.. Insurance options may be available through an individual homeowner policy or other
insurance companies. One option available for students, faculty and staff, is Worth Avenue
Group. This company provides laptop/tablet insurance which covers replacement cost and
protects the device worldwide. Students/parents are responsible for completing and submitting
the optional insurance application and submitting a claim to the insurance company if needed.
An application link appears below or parents may choose to enroll online