Elementary (K-5)

Each EVSC school develops a high ability model which is appropriate to the needs and composition of the student population and staff. These models may include the following:

  • The Cluster Grouping Model is a grouping assignment for gifted students in the regular heterogeneous classroom.  Typically, five or six gifted students with similar needs, abilities, or interests are “clustered” in the same classroom, which allows the teacher to more efficiently differentiate assignments for a group of advanced learners rather than just one or two students.
  • The Pull- Out Model utilizes a dedicated high ability teacher who works with groups of students to differentiate and move beyond typical grade level standards. Curriculum is specialized and may be accelerated.
  • The In-Class Differentiation Model is a model in which curriculum and instruction are modified according to  to content, pacing, and/or product to meet unique student needs in the classroom.