Plaza Students Raise $11,500+ for LLS

They’ve done it once again. Plaza Park International Prep Academy has once again collected thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  On Oct. 23, the school announced that students had raised just over $11,000 in  fundraising efforts and now that amount has increased to $11,500+ and is still rising. Also at the ceremony Claire Scheller, a Lymphoma survivor, spoke about her experiences and the importance of this fundaising. A special video was shown of Plaza’s Honored Hero Christian Canfield, a former Plaza student who is battling the disease.

Throughout the past few months, the school has come together to raise money to try and meet its $10,000 goal. Fundraising efforts included:

  • Run at the Mounds Middle School Cross Country Meet: This year’s theme was “Some Kids Run So Others Can Live.” This year’s turnout saw the largest number of schools, participants and spectators since it began five years ago.
  • Cross Country members gathered donations totaling nearly $3,000
  • Student Council members have been collecting pennies and spare change
  • Special incentives: Multiple teachers and administers have joined in the fun and offered special incentives. For instance, teacher Nick Coronato has volunteered to have his head shaved by the student with the highest fundraising total; Cross Country Coach Becky Stegemoller and Coronato will take pies to the face if the goal is reached.