EVSC Students Participate in Digital Citizenship Week

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In an ever increasing online world, it's more important than ever for our students to learn how to be responsible digital citizens. And, in conjunction with Digital Citizenship Week, schools in the EVSC are taking time to teach their students how to be responsible and safe online.

At Hebron Elementary School, students in Caitlyn Hummel's digital technology classes have been learning digital citizenship for the past several weeks. Its something, according to Hummel, that students need to know in order to navigate online. In her classes, Hummel has been talking about how to be: safe, understanding, polite, e-healthy and responsible.

Today's lesson was about how to use content responsibly. Just like you would never copy and paste words from a website and present them as your own, unbeknownst to many, individuals can not reproduce images in the same manner. In order to reuse images, individuals must first go to Search Tools, then select Usage Rights and select Labeled for Reuse.