Glenwood Secretary Wins Cause for Applause

Sherry Smith, secretary at Glenwood Leadership Academy is the October recipient of the EVSC’s Cause for Applause Award.  The Cause for Applause awards recognize employees who go above and beyond normal job duties.

“Mrs. Smith gracefully embraces her role as the “face” of GLA – the first person people interact with on their way in the door and she helps all those who work around her be more successful,” wrote Tamara Skinner, principal at Glenwood, in her nomination letter. Skinner continues to say that Smith is a constant for parents at Glenwood and that many of them ask specifically if she will be in attendance at certain events. “Our parents know, trust and respect her,” Skinner wrote.

“She [Smith] is an outstanding example of how all EVSC employees should be: team players with a focus on helping kids be successful at school,” Skinner wrote.

Anyone can nominate an employee of the EVSC for the award. Deadline for nominations is the third Friday of each month. Go to for the nomination form. Paper forms are available at the schools for those without access to the Internet.