Ideas for School Improvement Sought

Do you have ideas for improvements at your child's school?  Your opinions are wanted! 

The EVSC has an opportunity to apply for new School Improvement Grants through the United States Department of Education for Caze Elementary School, Lincoln School, and Washington Middle School.  These are potential five-year grants that would provide funding in addition to what the school normally receives in order to dramatically impact student achievement.  

The money may pay for additional resources to help students learn, provide incentives for staff, and provide extended learning opportunities for students as well as increase community partnerships supporting our students and families.  While it is not guaranteed your child's school will receive the grant, the EVSC would like to receive input from parents in order to best determine the school's needs.

Please share your ideas regarding  the school your child attends—such as recommendations for programming, curriculum, and/or learning opportunities you would like to see in place for your student.  Call Stephanie Adams at (812) 435-0945 or email your ideas or suggestions to [email protected].  

Feedback must be submitted by Thursday, June 25, 2015.