School Board Approves New School Support Structure

The Evansville Vanderburgh Board of School Trustees tonight (5-4-15) approved a new way of supporting schools – with Directors of School Support over each high school attendance district, consisting of a high school and the middle schools and elementary schools that are feeders to it.

Superintendent David Smith explained that through 1½ years of research and the example of success in the EVSC Transformation Zone, leadership has developed a plan to support all schools in a differentiated fashion, re-aligning people with needs and re-allocating resources to fund the changes.

Currently, 34 school principals report to the Chief Academic Officer. Through work with Mass Insight Education, “we have investigated strategies to take us to the next level,” Smith said.

Best practices identified from across the nation showed the greatest success in the clustering of schools, similar to the EVSC’s Transformation Zone model recently approved by the State Legislature as an option for school improvement strategies. Now, five Directors of School Support will be embedded in the schools and will support one high school attendance district. The sixth Director will be over all high schools, as well as innovative model schools.

During the meeting, Smith read from a list of more than 30 individuals who have left the corporation for other pursuits in the last several years, whose positions were never filled.  He said the  new Directors of School Support will be funded through re-allocated monies -- a combination of monies saved through not filling these positions, as well as grant monies.  “We have consciously not filled many positions as this strategy has been developed,” he said. “We have looked at how to better support the needs of school leadership and revised positions throughout Central Office to more directly support their work.”  The Directors of School Support will now be school-based positions.

            Directors of School Support for 2015-16 are:

Bosse Attendance District:                Tammy Dexter, currently assistant director of the Office of Transformational Support, formerly principal at McGary  

Central Attendance District:              Jackie Kuhn, currently director of language arts literacy

Harrison Attendance District:            Bryan Perry, currently principal of Thompkins Middle School

North Attendance District:                 Audra Offutt, currently principal at Vogel Elementary School

Reitz Attendance District:                 Todd Slagle, currently principal at Cedar Hall Community School

High Schools:                                    Darla Hoover, currently principal at Central High School


            New building leaders for 2015-16 are:

Elementary K-5 and K-6 Schools

  • Caze Elementary School:                   Jared Turney, principal
  • Cynthia Heights Elementary School:  Chastity Nisbeth, principal
  • Vogel Elementary School:                 Travis Howard, principal
  • Scott Elementary School:                  Kimber Scarlett, principal
  • Scott Elementary School:                  Kim Fillingham, school administrative manager


Middle and K-8 Schools

  • Cedar Hall Community School:  Joe Schlosser, principal
  • Cedar Hall Community School:  Josh Allen, assistant principal
  • Thompkins Middle School:         Nicole Alcorn, principal
  • Thompkins Middle School:         Kara Hartz, assistant principal
  • AIS-Diamond Middle School:     Darrin Carnahan, principal
  • Perry Heights Middle School:     Jeanette Lindauer, assistant principal

High Schools

  • Bosse High School:          Kristie Burroughs, assistant principal
  • Central High School:        Andrea Campbell, principal
  • Central High School:        Regina St. Clair, assistant principal


Re-allocation of Personnel to Support Schools More Effectively:

  • Assistant Director of Student Support Services:                  Cyndie Carneal
  • Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement:          Carrie Terry
  • Director of Curriculum and Response to Intervention:         Emily Smith-McCormick
  • Director of Educator Effectiveness:                                      Jane Bartley
  • Director of School Transformation:                                       Kelsey Wright
  • Director of Teacher Effectiveness:                                        Shannon Strieter
  • Student Data Analyst:                                                           Debra Harrington
  • Chief of Staff:                                                                        Paul Neidig
  • Senior Chief of District Operations:                                      Rick Cameron
  • Chief Transformation Officer:                                               Carrie Hillyard