EVSC Increases Substitute Teacher Rates

EVSC Increases Substitute Teacher Rates
Posted on 08/22/2016

Daily rates for substitute teachers in the EVSC are on the rise. Tonight (Aug. 22), the EVSC Board of School Trustees approved the daily increase for substitute teachers by as much as $15, raising one category to $100 per day.

The daily pay for licensed substitute teachers increased to $75; pay for permit substitute teachers increased to $70 and pay for preferred substitutes or Retired EVSC Substitute Teachers as it will now be known, increased to $100 a day. To qualify for the later, individuals must have at least 17 years of teaching experience, with the last 10 years in the EVSC.

To qualify as a substitute, individuals must have at least 60 hours of college coursework and be able to apply for his/her substitute permit through the Indiana Department of Education. Licensed substitute teachers hold a valid Indiana teaching license.

“This increase is an important step in attracting and retaining great substitute teachers,” said Debbie DeBaillie. “With great substitute teachers, we know that we can continue to providing exceptional learning opportunities in our classrooms in the event teachers must be out. This is just one way that we can recognize and thank them for their continued loyalty and service.”

Individuals interested in substituting in any capacity, including teaching, office/clerical, nursing, food service or bus transportation can apply by visiting www.evscschools.com and clicking on the Employment tab at the top of the page.