Texting Now Available in EVSC

Texting Now Available from the EVSC
Posted on 09/14/2016

In order to better communicate with families, the EVSC is officially rolling out text messaging as another avenue for communication and family notification. Text messages will officially begin Tuesday, September 20, and will be an addition to the phone calls and emails families receive.

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, parents/guardians and EVSC employees should have received an opt-in message from the number 67587. Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to the district's new texting option. 

1. What is the texting option?
In addition to phone calls and emails, the EVSC also has the ability to communicate with families via text messaging. Your child's school and the district can now communicate with you via text messaging as well as by phone and/or email. 

2. What if I didn’t get a text on September 20? 
If you did not receive a text from 67587 on September 20 that most likely means your mobile number is not listed in our student management system. Please contact your student(s) school(s) to get your number added. Once your number is added, you will receive an opt-in message the following morning. 

3. How do I receive texts if I didn’t opt-in when I got my first text message?
If your mobile number is already in our system and you did not respond "Y" to the original opt-in message, you can still opt-in. Simply text “Y” to 67587 at any time to opt in to receive text messages from your school and EVSC. 

4. What if I opted-in, but now I don’t want to receive them?
If you no longer want to receive text messages, text STOP to 67587 at any point. 

5. Will I be charged for the text messages?
Our provider, SchoolMessenger, does not charge recipients for text messages they receive or send to the short code; however, wireless providers may charge for individual text messages depending on the plan associate with your wireless device. 

6. What if I opted-in but not receiving texts? 
Contact your student’s school to make sure your phone number is listed in our system for your student. If your number is listed and you still aren’t getting messages, double check with your wireless carrier that you can receive text messages. If you still have problems, call 812-435-EVSC. 

7. What if I opted in, but it gave me an error or said the message failed? 
If you are having any problems with the message or responding, please check our permission settings on your device. By default, some phones are set to not allow premium messages such as these to go through. Simply change your settings. 

8. What if I change my number? How do I sign up to receive texts?
Anytime a new number is added or changed in our system, that number will automatically receive the opt-in message the following day. Simply reply “Y” to the message and you’re set!