Transformation Zone

The EVSC currently has five schools that are part of the Transformation Zone. These schools will receive targeted academic and operational support to increase student achievement. Just as teachers differentiate instruction for their students so that each student can be reached the way they learn best, EVSC is committed to differentiating support for schools.

The EVSC Transformation Zone is an initiative to achieve significant and lasting gains in student achievement in five EVSC schools by providing teachers and students with more resources and supports, thus empowering teachers to transform the lives of their students.
The Transformation Zone is a place where:
  • Students benefit from a continuum of support services to meet their diverse needs and prepare them to focus on learning;
  • Teachers and administrators thrive in a “whatever it takes, no excuses” culture;
  • Teachers are empowered through intensive instructional support, including grant dollars for classroom resources, job-embedded coaching from master and mentor teachers at three TZ “TAP” schools, and specialized PD for all TZ teachers based on Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion;
  • Teachers, coaches, and administrators collaborate daily in professional learning communities to share best practices and advance instruction;
  • Schools receive intensive support from a dedicated central office team, including data coaching, instructional support, and HR services;
  • Teachers are eligible for performance-based bonuses in several of the schools

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