New Tech Network Again Names EVSC's New Tech Institute as National Demonstration Site

New Tech Network Again Names EVSC's New Tech Institute as National Demonstration Site
Posted on 02/22/2018
The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation’s New Tech Institute (NTI) was named a National Demonstration Site and exemplary school by the New Tech Network for the third year in a row . New Tech Network is a national non-profit that works with nearly 200 schools nationwide to create innovative learning environments.
Demonstration sites epitomize the best example of the New Tech mission - to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, college and the careers of tomorrow.

To receive this distinction, New Tech Institute demonstrated many notable accomplishments. The school had to develop a clear set of student learning outcomes consistent with skills required to succeed in college, career or civic life. These include content mastery tied to state standards as well as work ethic/collaboration, critical thinking and oral and written communication. All courses demonstrated rigorous and relevant Project-Based Learning (PBL) to amplify deeper learning while engaging students in the classroom. The deep integration and use of technology is present in all classrooms. Finally, a school culture that establishes students at the center, built on trust, respect and responsibility must be evident throughout the school.
“We applaud the significant work necessary for schools to meet the demonstration site criteria.  We consider them exemplary schools within the New Tech Network of nearly 200 schools. Through the school’s hard work, students are better prepared for life and college, they have also developed a deep love of learning,” said NTN President and CEO, Lydia Dobyns.
New Tech Institute opened in 2010 with its first class of 64. NTI focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Entrepreneurial Leadership with a mission to provide students with “relevant project-based learning and leadership opportunities in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and responsibility.”
“Since opening eight years ago, we have continually worked to grow our practice around student-centered project-based learning to provide meaningful learning for our students,” said NTI Principal Chris Gibson. “This recognition helps reaffirm our efforts to provide our students with a relevant 21st century education that they can take and be successful in life.”
In May 2016, New Tech Institute received STEM-Certification from the Indiana Department of Education for the five-year period 2016-2021.
Demonstration site schools play a key role in showcasing the New Tech model in action by opening their campus to other communities.  NTI will host tours for national, state and local schools and districts to experience a New Tech school firsthand.  Visitors will take part in student-led tours to learn about the fundamentals of the school, including project-based learning examples, integrated use of technology and the culture shift that is integral to every New Tech. Last year, NTN schools hosted thousands of visitors wishing across the country. In addition to tours, demonstration sites play an important role in hosting New Tech training events. These trainings often provide an authentic immersion experience for teachers and administrators as new districts and communities prepare to open and teach in their own schools.