EVSC Custodian Receives April Cause for Applause Award

EVSC Custodian Receives April Cause for Applause Award
Posted on 04/09/2018

EVSC Custodian Darrell Veach is the April recipient of the EVSC’s Cause for Applause award. The award seeks to recognize individuals who go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.

Veach, who received a record amount of nominations, has worked for the EVSC since 2013. The resounding message in each of the nomination letters is that Veach is the most thoughtful, caring person people know. He goes out of his way to make everyone’s day better and is always willing to help with anything that needs to be done. He also remembers names of both students and staff and special things about them.

Michele Shuler, secretary at Culver, calls Veach “EVSC’s Earth Angel.” Schuler writes that Veach spent his own time and money to purchase a fish tank for the office which the students love. Another co-worker writes that Veach stocked a freezer with ice cream after knowing they had a difficult day. Lori Schmidt, another coworker, says Veach is “one of the nicest and hardest working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.” Jamie Wiggins, a teacher at Culver, writes that Veach always makes both staff and students feel special.

Anyone can nominate an employee of the EVSC for the award. Deadline for nominations is the third Friday of each month. To nominate an EVSC employee, go to www.evscschools.com and click on About Us and see Cause for Applause under Community. Paper forms are available at the schools for those without access to the Internet.