Social Emotional Learning at Home

During the time that students are out of school they may feel anxiety around unknown factors the community is experiencing or adult emotions that they may not understand. Students of all ages can benefit from developing awareness around their emotions and practicing calming strategies to help them become resilient. Below are some ways that you can talk to your child regarding COVID-19. This is an excerpt from national social emotional expert, Susan Gibson. View Susan's full article Here. In the article she briefly describes what self regulation is and how parents can help students feel calm at home. Self regulation is a guiding concept that EVSC's social emotional curriculum is built upon. Continuing the learning at home can greatly impact your student's sense of calm during the extended time off. 

Click Here to access EVSC resources for home. These resources will provide social emotional support and resilience throughout your student's time at home. 

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Click Here to access Susan Gibson's full article, "Using Social Emotional Learning to Help in Times of Stress -Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)"