School Reopening FAQs

What are the 3 options for families this school year?
Option A: Learning at School - In this option, students will attend school as normal with new safety protocols in place and an emphasis on social distancing.

Option B: Remote Learning - In this option, students will use a remote learning option temporarily and will still be connected to the student's school, teacher and classroom. This option will be used on a short term basis only.

Option C: EVSC Virtual Academy - This option will allow students to enroll in the EVSC Virtual Academy for at least an entire semester.

Why the decision to go everyday as opposed to an A/B schedule?
We know that it is important for students and families to have the stability and regularity of going to school everyday, especially for those families where both parents work outside the home.

Will masks be required to be worn at school?
Masks and social distancing are extremely important to help stop the spread of COVID-19. In those instances where we feel social distancing is not going to be accomplished to the extent we feel necessary, like in the hallways, we do expect our students to wear masks in those instances. We do feel very comfortable we will be able to achieve social distancing in our classrooms, so masks will not be required there.  

What are your plans for school buses?
Students who take advantage of the EVSC's bus service will be required to wear a mask while on the bus. There will be a seating chart and we ask families to sit together when possible. We also are redoing our routes so there will only be two students per seat.

For the remote learning option, will students need a valid reason?
Yes, students will need a valid reason to use the remote learning option. For example, if school has started and a family member tests positive for COVID-19, the health department's recommendation is that all family members quarantine at home. This option will allow learning to continue with the least amount of interruptions possible. It will need to be pre-approved and is for those situations that are short term in nature.

What makes the EVSC Virtual Academy unique?
The EVSC Virtual Academy has been around for more than 10 years. Teachers understand the curriculum and alignment to Indiana academic standards. Our teachers are very involved with students, they know where the students are, understand where students need assistance and continually monitor their progress. It is a personal approach to online learning and is held up as a national model for online learning.

Can you talk about the analysis that has been done on all schools and classroom spaces?
EVSC officals have assessed every square foot of space in the EVSC to see how many students we could safely have in those instructional areas while maintaining social distancing and how we could safely use some of our larger areas in the schools and buildings.

I am worried about the emotional state of my students. Will that be addressed?
We are a national leader in social emotional learning. Through our GAIN approach, we are really looking at educating the whole child. We know how important the positive relationships are between students and teachers. We will spend a great deal of time creating those bonds the first weeks of school to ensure those connections are made.

Will the EVSC still provide after school care for elementary students?
Yes, the EVSC will continue to offer before an after school care for elementary students with the same social distancing guidelines in place.

Will students be screened every morning?
We are asking all families to screen at home. Students must be fever free (without fever reducing medication) for 72 hours. Please do not send your child to school if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. If so, families are encouraged to use the Remote Learning option.

What about athletics?
We are currently phasing in our athletic programs. Continue to watch our website and Social Media for additional updates.

What about special needs students?
We are working closely with special needs students and their families to answer any questions and meeting any individual needs they may have.

What about technology for students who may need to move to the remote learning option for a short period of time?
We will have devices for all our students and will have Internet accessibly for those devices.