Cleaning & Maintaining Healthy Facilities

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

The EVSC will clean and disinfect all areas of the school building on a routine basis, including classrooms, offices, hallways, entryways, common areas, locker rooms and restrooms.

• High touch surfaces and higher potential exposure areas (ie nurse clinics) will be disinfected according to best practice.

• Hand sanitizer dispensers will be maintained daily.

• Debris containers will be emptied daily.

• Wet methods will be used on hard flooring surface areas.

• All flooring surfaces will be cleaned and maintained.


• The EVSC has processes to monitor its HVAC systems, ensuring the proper amount of fresh air is introduced to each facility.

• The EVSC also will encourage buses and other transport vehicles to open windows when possible to provide additional ventilation.

*All practices are subject to change based on expert guidance regarding local conditions.