School Nurse Information

covid plan

• Working hours for all EVSC school nurses have been extended again for this school year. These medical professionals will be available to assist students, families, and staff during the following hours:
    • Elementary School Nurse Hours 7:35 -3:20
    • Middle/High School Nurse Hours 7:15 - 3:00

• School nurses will wear PPE for the safety of themselves and others.

• There will be a designated area for suspected Covid-19 cases in each school to be used when students are waiting for a parent to arrive at school.

• For safety reasons, parents will not be able to directly access the nurse’s office.

• Furniture and high touch areas in the nurse’s office used by students will be disinfected after each use.

• The IDH encourages the use of inhalers in the school setting. Please contact your student's primary care provider to ensure your student has a meter dose inhaler, spacer (with mask for younger child), and asthma action plan at school. 

• Parents/guardians are encouraged to administer any before school medications for their students at home to reduce the potential exposure to healthy students.

• If your student requires medication at school, please send medication and signed consent form to school with your student. EVSC has medication envelopes available to assist families with the transport of medications to school. Students should drop off medications to the school nurse.

*All practices are subject to change based on expert guidance regarding local conditions.