Opening of School - Soft Start

The EVSC will once again utilize a "soft start" for the 2021-2022 school year in order to help students get more acclimated to school policies and procedures, and for teachers to better build relationships with students. The EVSC decided to continue the soft start this year due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received last year. 

• Students with the last names A-J will attend school on Monday, August 9, and Tuesday, August 10. (Students with last names K-Z will be assigned e-learning assignments on Wednesday, August 11, when they first report to school. Students are not expected to complete any work on Monday or Tuesday.)

Students with last names K-Z will attend school on Wednesday, August 11, and Thursday, August 12. (Students with last names A-J will be assigned e-learning assignments on Monday/Tuesday.)

• ALL students will attend school on Friday, August 13. Click here for the full EVSC calendar.