Early Childhood Education

The Culver Family Learning Center -- An extension of the Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships, the Culver Family Learning Center coordinates all of the EVSC's early childhood education programs and serves as a hub for early childhood education within the community. The building itself houses preschool classrooms for children ages three to five, and for children with special needs. There are also preschool classrooms in other EVSC schools throughout the community. All the classrooms focus on preparing children for kindergarten, and preparing them for a lifetime of learning. Culver is also home to community agencies working in Adult Literacy, and houses the EVSC's support services like the EVSC Autism Team, the Office of Psychological Services and EVSC’s Occupational/Physical Therapy teams.

The future of individuals in every community around the globe is built upon the foundation of education they have received.


This foundation doesn't wait for a child to enter the doors of the 
nearest school building, but it is set in motion when a child is born. 

The first five years of a child's life are when 85% of the brain's capacity is developed. It is the most critical time for brain development and subsequently success in school and lifetime success.


The benefits of that firm educational foundation are why the EVSC 
offers early childhood education to those in highest need.

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