2020 Rate Schedules

EVSC strives to offer a competitive benefits package. Click on the links below to view the 2020 medical, dental and vision rates. Please feel free to contact the Insurance Department if you have any questions on benefits.


EVSC Standard Full Benefit


EVSC Standard Single Benefit


EVSC Bus Benefit


Below are the Dual Rate Schedules available to EVSC employees that have both spouses working in benefit eligible positions with EVSC. There are two different rate schedules. The one labeled Dual Employee-Full Benefit would apply when one or both spouses are eligible for Full benefits. The other labeled Dual Employee-Two Single Only would apply when both spouses are eligible for Single only insurance*.  Please contact the Insurance Department for questions or to inform us that you believe one of these Schedules may apply to you and your spouse.


Contact: 812-435-8410 or 812-435-8405


*NOTE: Single only insurance status applies when EVSC only pays contributions toward the benefit for the employee, the employee must pay the additional cost to cover family members.


EVSC Dual Employee-Full Benefit


EVSC Dual Employee-Two Single Benefits