Address Verification

The state of Indiana is requiring school districts to collect proof of Indiana residency documentation for all students. To comply, we are asking you to submit documentation that shows your name and current address via EVSC Parent Access.

Documentation may include a:
• Current utility bill
• Telephone bill
• Tax return
• Bank or mortgage statement
• Rental/lease agreement
• Medical bill or
• Other information that shows your current address.

Documentation cannot be more than 60 days old and must show the date, parent/guardian name and an address. You may take a picture of the document or upload a file. If you are unable to upload documentation, please provide your school with a copy as soon as possible.  

How to Upload Documentation

Address veritication

Step 1

Sign in to Parent Access and click on your student's name on the left under his/her picture. 

Address step 1

Step 2
Click Registration at the top of the page. 
Address Step 2

Step 3

Follow the on-screen prompts. 
Address Step 3