Phase One: Conditions for Transformation

The first phase of GAIN lays the groundwork for future success. Conditions for Transformation represents the transformational change that has to happen at the systems level, as well as changing the mindsets and knowledge base of educators. Included in this phase are two areas:

Neuroscience for Transformation
In this area, leaders incorporate the neuroscience of change to improve the success of change and truly have an impact on student outcomes. The neuroscience of change explains that human brains are inherently wired to resist change, whether good or bad. The neuroscience of change helps organizations drive change that is aligned with how the brain works so it is more readily accepted.

Foundations for Teaching
This area focuses on broadening the knowledge base of educators and developing the intellectual capacity to incorporate change at the student, classroom, school and district level. The expanded knowledge base will help educators at all levels incorporate key aspects of human and brain development with their current skill set so that learning and development for all youth is maximized.