Governor's Work Ethic Certificate

OptIN is working with our region's community leaders and largest employers to create the EVSC's version of the Governor's Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC). The Work Ethic Certificate is a college and career readiness opportunity that allows EVSC students to identify, develop and demonstrate transferable skills that are in demand by local employers while in high school.

The GWEC will provide students with a formalized confirmation of their soft skills (responsibility, punctuality, teamwork, etc.) to post-secondary educational institutions and employers. For employers, the program provides them with a pipeline of workers with a proven work ethic, who understand the value and importance of responsibility and perseverance in the workplace. Employers provide incentives to students who receive the Work Ethic Certificate such as a guaranteed job interview and mentoring opportunities. 

Students who receive the Work Ethic Certificate also will receive a certificate signed by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and other appropriate recognition.
The EVSC’s Work Ethic Certificate requires student mastery of the P.R.I.D.E.S., plus four academic components that are set by the state of Indiana. The P.R.I.D.E.S include:

Persistence: Students will be resilient, persevere through challenges and problem solve.

• Responsibility: Students will accept and demonstrate service to others, possess a positive attitude and communicate effectively and appropriately

• Initiative: Students will demonstrate ability to self-start and think creatively and critically. Students will be involved and take ownership of their work.

• Dependability: Students will show reliability and accountability, demonstrating responsibility and consistent punctuality.

• Ethics: Students will be trustworthy and demonstrate humility, integrity, and independence in their actions.

• Self-Management: Students will be flexible, work collaboratively with others, and manage emotions.

The four academic components as set by the state of Indiana, include:
• 98% or higher attendance rate for the student’s senior year
• Six hours of community service
• Maximum of one office referral in the student’s senior year
• Minimum of a 2.0 Cumulative GPA

Students interested in earning the Work Ethic Certificate can click here to apply.