Non-Teach Substitute Information

Non-teach substitute applicants are required to complete an online application and have on file two completed EVSC reference forms. Applications will be reviewed and selected on a weekly basis. If selected, the applicant will be contacted and provided instructions on requesting the required online background check from our provider. The fee is payable online using a credit or debit card.

Non-teach substitutes are paid at a rate of $7.25/hour for the first 20 consecutive or 30 non-consecutive days of work. An EVSC required tracking form is then submitted to the Office of Human Resources. If time is properly completed, the substitute's pay is increased. For secretary substitutes, pay is increased to $14.24/hour. For all other non-teach substitute positions, pay is increased to $9.84/hour.

We are excited to announce that we have added some of the classified substitute positions to the EVSC substitute management system, Aesop. Aesop will help to streamline the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes. This service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via internet and/or phone.  If you signed up to substitute for Secretaries, Special Education Assistants or Attendance Clerks you will automatically be enrolled in the new system.  If you are a substitute for other classified positions within the district, you will continue to accept positions through phone calls from the employee that will be absent as you have in the past.

Aesop uses three methods to make jobs available to substitutes:
1. You can search for and accept available jobs, change personal settings, update your calendar, and personalize your available call times by visiting Aesop on the internet by clicking here.

2. You may interact with the Aesop system by way of a toll-free, automated voice instruction menu at 1-800-942-3767. Here, you can proactively search for jobs and manage existing jobs. We recommend calling in to check the computer recording of your name by pressing Option 4.

3. Aesop will also make phone calls to substitutes to offer jobs they qualify for. The administrative office has selected the following hours as standard call times when the Aesop service may call for substitutes: 5:30am-11:00am in the morning and 6:00pm-10:30pm in the evening. 

We are confident that you will find the Aesop experience beneficial and enjoyable.

Should you experience difficulty using the Aesop system in any way, please contact EVSC HR Generalist-Substitutes, Debbie Haire, by phone (812-435-8420) or email ([email protected]).