Programs in EVSC

The EVSC strives to ensure that all students at all ability levels receive appropriately differentiated instruction in their classrooms. 

In the elementary schools, high ability students may receive services through a pullout program in which they leave their regular teachers for a given amount of time each week. During the pullout periods, the students work with high ability teachers who develop activities, assignments, and projects to enhance classroom learning and allow students to explore their interests.

Other elementary schools provide high ability services through a cluster group model, in which high ability students are clustered together in homerooms and receive differentiated instruction within the regular classroom setting.

In middle and high schools, high ability students follow an honors curriculum in English/language arts, social studies, math and science. Counselors in the middle and high school also provide specialized counseling in which they encourage all high ability students to take the most rigorous course possible. This would include participation in both dual credit, honors, and advanced placement courses.