Commitment 2

Commitment 2Commitment Area 2: Family and Community Engagement

EVSC is committed to Family and Community Engagement and the investment we must make to strategically build collaborative, meaningful partnerships and trusting relationships to increase the impact on academic achievement and the long term success of students that reaches beyond their K12 journey.

We believe that families know their children best. We need to be able to access information that parents hold with regards to their children’s strengths, passions, talents as well as needs which will allow teachers to make informed and individualized instructional decisions. There is a large body of research that shows how engaging families in schools can lead to increased attendance, higher grades and test scores, advancement in social skills, increased student motivation and more.

Raising, equipping and empowering the next generation of our community is a shared responsibility. To maximize this opportunity, we must all work together to achieve common goals. When schools, families and communities intentionally work together with a focus on high expectations around student achievement, then students will be more successful throughout life and the entire community will benefit.


2.1 Collaboratively research and refine our family and community schools framework with community stakeholders to ensure a unifying vision and approach is in place to support all students.

2.2 Increase representation and diversity of youth-serving individuals and mentors so students feel a sense of belonging within their school community.

2.3 Engage and equip families with information to serve as critical partners in education towards student academic and lifelong success.

2.4 Work with the community to remove barriers that prevent students from participating in school-supported programs and services, academics, and extracurriculars as well as families from being engaged in the educational process.