Teachers of English Learners

Maria Barnes - Stockwell School

Katrina Costeur - Central and Reitz high schools; Thompkins, Helfrich Park and Perry Heights middle schools

Emily Duckworth - Hebron and Delaware Elementary Schools

Skye Haas - Harrison High School 3s and 4s

Brooke Hupmann - Cedar Hall, Stringtown, Highland, Daniel Wertz, Cynthia Heights and West Terrace

Christina Johnson - Fairlawn and Evans Schools

Emma Koester - North High School, North Jr. High School, New Tech Institutes, SICTC

Kate Leung - Vogel, Oak Hill, Scott and McCutchanville

Rhonda Marshalll - Lodge Community School

Janelle Nisly - High School International Newcomer Academy (INA)

Svitlana Reynolds - Glenwood Leadership Academy

Susan Riordan - McGary International Newcomer Academy and McGary Middle School (3s and 4s)

Kathryn Roache - Harrison High School, (3s & 4s), AIS, Harwood, Plaza Park and Tekoppel
Catherine Schular - Caze and Lincoln schools

Pierre Tsianguebeni - Bosse High School and Washington Middle School

Melody Veal - Dexter and Harper Elementary Schools and Virtual Academy