Berry Link

Berry Link logoBerry Link is a program in partnership with Berry Global that is open to all EVSC juniors and seniors. Through Berry Link, students are able to jump-start their careers in manufacturing and logistics. Students will attend class at a unique state-of-the-art on-site classroom built by Berry for instruction and labs. Students attending these classes will learn valuable skills for the workplace while earning their high school diploma.

"Through the Berry Link Program, students are going to get an opportunity to visit a world-class manufacturer on site, every day,” said Scott Hartmann, Human Resources Director. “This isn't a field trip or online experience - it’s in-person learning every day where students will hear from experts in various fields of manufacturing operations. We are excited to provide education to these students as they set off on their career journeys.”

The new classroom space includes a forklift and logistics simulator and digital technology. Classroom educators will be experts in their field and take a real-world case study approach to learning, tackling real business challenges from problem to solution. Students will have the opportunity to complete three dual-credit college-level courses in supply chain and logistics while working side-by-side with industry experts at Berry. During this time, students will complete work-based learning (WBL) in multiple departments at Berry, including Printing, Quality Assurance, and Logistics. Berry will provide wages for students during their senior year in the WBL program.

Upon successful completion of the program, Berry will establish a working relationship with the graduates as future employees.

Talk to your student's school counselor for more information and to apply.