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Vision Statement: Every student, including those with disabilities, is held to high expectations and has equitable access to educational opportunities that enrich lives and prepare students for future success.

EVSC Links
• EVSC Schools Website
• What District Do I Live in?
• EVSC Facebook Page
• EVSC Twitter Page
• EVSC District Innovative School Models
• District COVID-19 Updates

Parent Guides - Understanding Special Education
• Navigating the Course: Finding Your Way Through Indiana’s Special Education Rules

State and Federal Regulations
• Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
• Article 7
• Section 504

Special Education Terms & Acronyms
• Common Special Education Acronyms
• Glossary of Special Education Terms

Local/Vanderburgh County Resources
• Community Partners Reference Information
• Vanderburgh Co. Resource Guide
• INSOURCE Advocates
Indiana IEP Local and Regional Resources for Families

State of Indiana & Federal Resources
• Indiana Statewide Disability Information Numbers
• Indiana Transition Resources
• More State and Federal Benefits Guide
• Social Security Disability Insurance
• State and National Resources
• Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS) Waiver Journey to Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services
• Vocational Rehabilitation Services
• Working With Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services (video)
• Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
Medicaid Waiver Guide
• INSOURCE Advocates
• Indiana Department of Education Office of Special Education website
• Waiver Renewal Fact Sheet

Transition IEP Resources
• Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center
• The ARC: Guardianship & Alternatives to Guardianship
• Diploma Decisions
• Indiana Transition Resources
• Navigating College - A Handbook on Self-Advocacy Written for Autistic Students from Autistic Students
Is College for You 
Is College for You (Spanish)
Road to Work VR Brochure
Road to Work VR Brochure (Spanish)
VR Info for Students and Families
VR Info for Students and Families (Spanish)
Moving On....Life After High School
Moving On....Life After High School (Spanish)

504 Plan Resources
Parent Guide to Section 504
Section 504

• - Through Your Child’s Eyes
Archived INSOURCE Webinars

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