English Language Services in Elementary School

ESL2Elementary students who qualify for services have the option to attend one of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Centers, that are located throughout the corporation. The ESL Centers allow students to be enrolled in mainstream classes and receive English as a Second Language (ESL) services through a pull-out program in a small-group setting.

Students can attend the center that is nearest to their district school and bus transportation is provided. By attending an ESL Center, students are able to receive more English support. However, families can still enroll their children in their local school. ESL services will still be provided for students at schools that are not centers; however, students will receive less-frequent services, than students who attend and ESL Center.

ESL Centers:

Caze, Daniel Wertz, Evans, Hebron, Highland, Lodge, Oak Hill, Scott, and Stockwell

Questions about ESL Centers, or which school to enroll your child?

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