School Facility Use/Rental

The Board of Education may permit the public use of the buildings and grounds of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, and may make such school property available for public use for civic or public purposes as the Board deems reasonable. It is the belief of the Board that the schools belong to the community and, to the extent practical, efforts should be made to allow their use by that community. Such use shall not interfere with the primary use of such school property for school purposes. The purpose for which such property is to be used must be legal. The board shall reserve the right to cancel the use of any school property at any time. 

When the Board permits the use of such school property by a non-school organization or group, information and notice that the sponsoring agency of such organization or group, is using the school property and that it is a non-school sponsored activity, function or program, shall be communicated and disseminated in whatever manner the Board deems appropriate. The Superintendent or his/her Designee shall see that appropriate procedures and fee schedules are established and maintained. See the links on the right for information on the rental of facilities.

Please contact school prior to filling out the School Facility Use form to ensure the date and time are available at the location you request.